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• A self-declared gentleman but on the inside he's punkish and grunge. A rainy island country that often yearns for the bygone golden years.
• Believes strongly in the existence of ghosts and spirits. Has a strange power such that even people who do not believe and cannot see them will be able to see them once they go to England. America is the exception.
• However, he makes fun of aliens.
• On the surface, he's a cynical realist. He's quite a romanticist before he goes to sleep.

• He's quite bad at expressing himself. He himself knows that people often misunderstand him, he uses this fact for self-depreciating jokes.

• He hates France. Although their rivalry is a material for jokes, he quite admires France's culture.
• He normally acts like a gentleman but once he gets some booze in him, he becomes an unstoppable, violent punk.
• The food he produces is quite terrible but he thinks he is quite good at it. He also knows that other people complain about it.
• His hobbies and interests are cooking, handicrafts, literature, punk rock, and giving scathing criticism on America's movies.

• He could easily be the most pitiful one in this webcomic.
• His temper was quite stormy during the decades after America's independence.
Okay. So what. I'm PMSing. But she pressed a hot button for me and she's too stupid to realize it. What a stupid ass. She's been pissing me off lately anyone. I fucking hate her these days. I just want to stop talking to her.

Not my english paper no.


Hope on a stick


The dying of the signal fire marks a transition in Lord of the Flies from the civility with which the boys had lived once before to a greater descent away from order, cloaked in fear, driven away from true innocence and closer to madness. Ralph attempts to take matters into his own hands, thinking in a new way he never has before, thinking like a leader, and suddenly able to see the civility draining away from his fellow boys. His attempt at a meeting shines through as a ray of hope, but one that is marked by dull reality, one that would lead to nothing but a further collapse. The image closely resembles that of the painting “Pink Knot and Shell on the Seashore” created by Salvador Dali in its darkness, its hope and its sea shore which separates those beyond it.

Perhaps the easiest image for one to see is the “bleached… near-white” (78) of the conch shell, marked with responsibility and the order of civilization. Believing that the hunters had possibly gotten rid of their only chance at escape, Ralph finally takes up the conch as a symbol of authority, something which Jack does not have. The closeness of the sea shell to the largest part of the painting marks something of an importance of it, filled with sand and gleaming. So close to the importance, it emits a sense of responsibility, as if it has been placed there, as if “chosen.” (91) This leadership revolving around the conch is of great importance to the meeting.

            The boys of the island are given such extreme circumstances, make “smoke…or die” which they are tossed back and forth between. (81) The same is the case of the painting, in which light shines down onto an innocent image of a pink ribbon knotted on a stick or the possible image of an ocean side grave site. The children as well as the site of the painting rest beside the ocean, waiting to be found, facing out for rescue. The wistful image is one of hope in the face of imminent destruction.

Pay no mind to this~

Thesis:  Bound through darkness and surroundings the painting as well as Ralph’s serious meeting in Lord of the Flies give the viewer a breath of hopelessness, and the sensation of a final effort at true hope, only to be let down.  


Seashell (Conch)/ Ralph’s sudden realization and leadership

·        Ralph suddenly feels responsible for the group when the hunters let down what he believes could have been their only chance at escape

·        The conch is close to a marker in the sand, one that is distinguished with a ribbon, something of a symbol of hope or loss, whatever the end result may be.

·        Responsibility beside the obvious results of human interference makes these two similar.

On the shore/Final thoughts on society, missing the adults

·        The painting is set near the shore like the boys, who wait for rescue, the markers themselves seem to be waiting for rescue as well, standing tall and alone

·        The dark ocean behind goes on endlessly, but the story is not about the ocean or its vastness but the tiny, useless markers

Dark Picture, ray of light/ Last stand, Grave or wish?

·        Ralph says they will die if they don’t keep the fire running, the markers in the sand are unexplained, though they resemble markers of graves, or perhaps, with the ribbon kept in mind and the gleaming of the light behind the pink, it is more like a symbol of hope

·        This hope stands beside the conch, one of the most important symbols in the book


Ulquihime = Doctor Horrible x Penny


Okay..Kind of...but I swear....IT'S THEM! And omfg, it is HILARIOUS. We even have an Ichigo. Mr. Hero tough man. Errr *cough* I mean, Ichigo's not like that at all. (okay well he is much more developed, but still XD)

Axis Powers Hetalia

Cause I'm learning about history....yeah...that's it. This is totally not an excuse for shonen ai. IT'S A TREATY DAMMIT! And...and cultural....interaction, yeah. I'm sticking with that.
I had a dream we finally got a puppy like my dad said we would. :( It was black and white and fluffy and cute and little. In the backyard ants were crawling on it. I brushed them off, poor puppy probably got bitten.

Sep. 12th, 2009

l-lol....I'm writing porn.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


Just saw the movie. Hmmmm idk how to feel. It was much too short, especially for something that was aiming for as deep as they were aiming. Overall you should see it, because it is pretty good, I just wanted a bit more charrie and plot-wise.

Spoiler-ish, but nothing really really specificCollapse )


One True Pairing Ship:
Canon Ship:
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
"You are one sick bastard" Ship:
"I dabble a little" Ship:
"It's like a car crash" Ship:
"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
"Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:

Okay, name a fandom I know and I'll answer.