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As a Hetalia fan...I just...

"The ongoing refusal of the US embassy in Grosvenor Square to pay the London congestion charge has also been a minor source of controversy.[223] Embassy officials claimed they did not have to pay the congestion charge because it was a tax, from which diplomats were exempt. London officials asserted that the congestion charge was no different from the toll charges paid by drivers to travel into US cities such as Manhattan via bridges and roads."

WIkipedia article describing America and UK's "special relationship." That line made me crack up though.

I just have this image of Alfred craning his head out of a car window outside of a toll booth and yelling, "GOD DAMMIT ARTHUR! I already told you I'm not paying your fucking TAXES!"I even drew a picture. It sucks. Maybe I can put it up for the lols?later.

"Present British policy is that the relationship with the United States remains the United Kingdom's 'most important bilateral relationship'.[229]"

Chyeah. UK x US ftw.