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And yet I've been so severely unaware of it up to now. I think I get it now why Korea was in such an uproar. All of this is really terrifying to me. This video has over 6,000 comments. It's really strange as an American to watch these comments fly back and forth...


It's all about these Korean snacks that look exactly like the Japanese snacks. I've even had one of those snacks. The yellow box with the mushrooms on it? Yeah, I've had those. The similarity was shocking.

What really scared me about the comments was when one on the Korean side brought up the relationship between America and Japan and I nearly threw up.

"Hypnotized by the folly logic of the West, Japs still believe their GDP is such & such, Nobel Kids Prize are dozen plus somethin',, shame on you idiots, you go by Yanky standard?, You worshiped & kissed their Ass , now all your masters are gone broke, you will be the next in a quick like ligthtening collapse in a few weeks , $ can not sustain, USA is delaying it's Total Demolition as a nation (not a mear collapse), Japan (with 250%GDPdebt) will be demolished, in bloody mayhem riots & civil war"

It was terrifying to read this. I don't know whether this person was talking from the view of North or South...I'm assuming North? But...I don't know. I'm seriously shaking...That was awful. Obviously, these kinds of comments (hopefully) do not represent all Korean's perspective, that would be absolutely ridiculous to assume such a thing but...Yeah.

It feels as if I've seen some sort of microcosm of war. On these culture shock sites I used to visit about Japan, when I was trying my best to find the ugliest things about my favorite place in the world besides America, I remember inklings of them mentioning that Japan was like 99% Japanese, and anyone who held Korean blood could be told apart and they suffered vicious racism.

...If it weren't for this comment I read on another video from a Korean girl who said her best friend was Japanese, I...*shakes head*

Really though. That was really scary. Racism...things like this...they really scare me a lot. Why can't we be friends?

(btw, yes, it has totally become a hobby of mine to look up controversial videos and read the comments...idk why and there's always like this one person who goes comment crazy on the vid, and I'm surprised the vid poster doesn't disable comments XD It's weird though. I feel like, by looking at this versus a news website or reading what politicians have to say, I am looking at an actual slice of humanity. Go look up Michelle Obama touching the Queen or any other remotely controversial thing there...slice of life there XD)